Best Reasons Why You Can Choose Us!

  • The UNIQUE scheme of transportation that really works!
  • The MINIMAL transit time!
  • FULL SUPPORT of your transportation at every stage!

  1. Экспедирование грузов Freight forwarding By rail. Own fleet of wagons, containers.
  2. Перевозки негабаритных грузов Oversized cargo transportation As well as heavy and dangerous cargoes
  3. Перевозки сборных грузов Groupage cargo transportation
  4. Перевозки грузов автотранспортом Cargo Transportation by Truck
  5. Контейнерные перевозки Container Shipping Carriage of goods in containers by sea and rail
  6. Авиаперевозки Air Freight
  7. Страхование грузов Cargo insurance
  8. Расчет тарифных ставок Calculation of tariff rates In online mode. 24x7

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